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Blue Angels weekend

Cameras galore tried to capture the Blue Angels Seafair performance over Lake Washington this past weekend, with the hope in every photographer’s heart for a perfect image of one of the heart-stopping maneuvers of these powerful jets.   Record-setting heat seemed to bring out more than the usual crush of boats, and the required maneuvering by boat “captains” was almost as challenging as the air show overhead! Water balloons lobbed from boat to boat and spray from water “canons” are usually the norm, so I left my “good” camera safely at home.

However, my meek and mild iPhone camera seemed to be up to the task for at least this distant shot of the action on and over the lake.




The Boeing Air Show included other entertainment in the sky. You can see more of the Blue Angels on their website.

The next day, far from the madding crowd, I captured this view of the Blue Angels with hazy Mt. Rainier in the background. Hello summer!


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