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Cats Have Staff

Napping in a casserole dish. Popping out of the silverware drawer. Burrowing in the towel drawer. The mischief of our two Tonkinese kittens was reminiscent of our already-grown children’s toddler years!

I’m not kidding about the silverware drawer. The smaller of the two kits, Cassie, actually opened the cabinet underneath and crawled up the back of the cabinet and into the drawer. I opened the drawer, and out she popped! Not once but on multiple occasions.

Time to kitten-proof the kitchen with magnetic latches on all the cabinets. This was several years ago, and yet today, the kitchen towel drawer is available for their play. We sometimes find a melange of towels on the floor with a cat snuggled inside on the remaining linens.

Of course, we continually put their welfare ahead of ours, remembering the old adage,  “Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.” We perform our duties well.

Two Tonkinese cats cuddling

Tonkinese cats Cassie & Monet

Cassie and Monet grace several Shutter Wonders cards. I may have more pictures of them that I do of our own children!

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