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Danger on the High Seas

Fishermen’s Terminal is unique among Seattle marinas. The vessels here reflect the independent, hard-working, and often dangerous lives of commercial fishermen.   Packed with gear and machinery that are as rugged as the men and women who choose this profession, each boat has its own personality and character. For me, this is the appeal of wandering the docks filled with these sea-worthy vessels.
Fishermen's Terminal sign

On shore, the granite and bronze Fishermen’s Memorial stands watch over the fleet, honoring the more than 675 local men and women who have been lost since 1900 and giving credence to the extreme danger of the occupation.Fishermen's Memorial

Early on a recent November morning, a few of us from my photo club were dodging raindrops photographing the night-into-morning transition on the docks. No pink-sky sunrise for us that day, but instead we found rain-soaked pavement reflecting dock lights and shadowy boat hulls. Increasing rain drove us indoors for a hearty breakfast at the Bay Cafe before the storm let up enough that we could get some daylight shots of the fishing fleet.

I captured a more romantic view a few years ago, with serene waters and blue sky. That picture is offered by Shutter Wonders as a blank note card and is representative of Seattle’s maritime past and present.Blue boat, Fishermen's Terminal

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