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Golden Retriever Charmer

Who can resist a puppy? For us, the ultimate puppy is a golden retrieve, since that is the irresistible ball of fur we raised when our children were little. Buck, as we called our golden, and our kids literally grew up together.

Golden Retriever puppyI jumped at the chance to photograph a friend’s golden retriever puppy several years ago. The pup was named Harper after the author of To Kill a Mockingbird, and Harper was a charmer. She posed well for the shot that became a very popular Shutter Wonders card. Who could resist that sweet face?

Golden Retriever with a tennis ball Requests have been made from wholesale customers for an adult golden retriever, especially from the hospitals we serve, since their therapy dogs are often that breed. Thus Harper recently had photo session number two.    She is now a bouncy, playful teenager, chasing endless tennis balls and loving all the praise, treats, and ear-scratching we gave her that day. If golden retrievers lived longer, I would want to be one!

Our new card is a more pensive Harper with soft eyes and a gentle expression. We hope she will bring some joy and a smile to someone who might need encouragement. A thoughtfully chosen card can do just that!Golden Retriever

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