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High on Lavender

Lavender farms in Sequim, WashingtonIn Sequim, of all places! Yes, I admit it, I was high on lavender…lavender oil, lavender lotion, lavender soap, lavender tea, lavender ice cream. You name it, someone makes it out of lavender.

And in Sequim (pronounced “skwim”), a small, tucked-away village on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, you’ll find fields of lavender on small farms, with flowers in their prime in July. The farms we visited were interlaced with gardens and beautiful landscaping, delightful places to wander and revel in the scent and beauty of lavender.

Lavender field in Sequim, WashingtonIn the shadow of the Olympic Mountains and with only 16 inches of rainfall per year, the climate is perfect for lavender. And perfect for an unhurried stroll on a sunny, summer day!

The Shutter Wonders’ latest printing includes a vibrant new image of lavender, poppies, and the Olympic Mountains, adding to our collection of classic Northwest scenes. We print these on high quality card stock and also use these pictures in our yearly calendars.

Lavender field and barn in Sequim, Washington

Lavender at Sunshine Herb and Lavender Farm

Now, for a cup of lavender tea to calm my spirit on a busy day…

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