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Bathing Beauty

Serendipity is a word closely connected to my photography experience. I always have an idea what I want to shoot when I venture somewhere with my camera gear, but sometimes the wonderfully unexpected happens.

A hummingbird on pink dahlias was not what I had planned for that August day. The dahlias in Volunteer Park are always a draw for me. They are simply stunning, and there is something about the park with its mammoth tree canopy and its wide open spaces that I love. A visit there is like a mini vacation.

I had been photographing the dahlias for awhile when this sweet hummingbird happened by. The flowers were wet with fat drops of dew or water from sprinklers, and the hummingbird must have thought, “What a delightful time for a bath!” She literally draped herself over the blossoms, almost slithering on the sturdy dahlia petals. Sometimes she drank, but most of the time she “bathed.”

A Rufous Humminbird surprised me with her frolic and bath on pink dahlias in Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington.  Shutter Wonders photographer Linda Enkema loves exploring the amazing landscapes and flowers of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and printing her favorite images on high quality note cards and calendars. All cards are available blank, and some are greeting cards with birthday, sympathy, get well, and thinking of you messages. Linda creates CD-size Northwest Scenes and floral calendars each year with new images.

A Rufous Hummingbird’s morning bath on a pink dahlia

Some of my photos of her frolic were not in perfect focus, but you will get the idea from even these imperfect images of what an unusual sight this was. My best image is a new card, just printed and now available on my website. For me, it was another unique photography experience that makes this pursuit of mine so much fun!

The Volunteer Park Dahlia Garden is beautifully planted and managed by the Puget Sound Dahlia Association. Their heart for these beautiful flowers and their hard work provide many of us a lot of pure pleasure over the growing season. Thank you!

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  1. Jane Turnbull May 14, 2013 at 10:46 pm #

    Thanks for sharing, Linda. I have always enjoyed your photography and your cards. (Personal note: I am still recovering from a month long illness but hope to be back on my feet soon.)
    Jane Turnbull

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