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Sky Magic

Skyward. That where my eyes go first everyday. Sun-edged cumulus on a mixed-weather day. Golden sunset rays that sneak underneath that day’s gray layer. Downy ivory puffs painted on a pacific blue sky. Streaks and shreds and filaments of cirrus high overhead. Tangerine-outlined mountains at sunrise (Cascades) or sunset (Olympics). Mount Rainier glowing with seemingly pink-hued snow. And then from airplanes! Unique views of cloud layers and spectacular sunsets.

Admiralty Head LighthouseHusky Stadium at sunsetSunset experiences at Admiralty Head Lighthouse on Whidbey Island and on the water near Husky Stadium are two of my favorites note cards. Below is a Bellevue sunrise, not part of the chosen few to be Shutter Wonders cards but nevertheless a shining memory of “sky magic”.

Downtown Bellevue Sunrise Reflection

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