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Surfing Fun (??) in Man-Eating Surf on an Average Day in Hawaii

Surfer falling off wave in HawaiiI was armed with a rented super zoom100-400mm lens and my trusty tripod when Jeff and I happened upon a group of surfers in Napili Bay on Maui. It was a picture-perfect day for photography, and most everything else.

Silhouette of surfer falling from wave in HawaiiTo my untrained eye, those young guys were risking their lives in that mammoth, boiling, crashing surf. In reality, they were probably average surfers in average waves on an average day in Hawaii. Being a “few” years younger than I, they were obviously considerably stronger and light-years more flexible. Think college athlete versus your grandmother.

Dramatic silhouette of falling surferThey seemed to survive their tumbles with no ill effects, because each time they were thrown and thrashed from their boards, they paddled out for yet another try…on an average day in Hawaii.

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