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Throw All the Paint

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” So said Danny Kaye, a favorite human being of mine, who also happened to be a very funny comedian. I recently offered this quote to my class of English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) students of which my husband and I are volunteer teachers. We are quite a “jumble” of paint in this class – Arthur from Russia, Luis from Guatemala, Abir from Egypt, Heesun from South Korea, Helen from China plus seven or so other folks who have become our friends in their quest to learn to English. Stretch, adventure, relationships, optimistic, risk, try, learn, and courage were some of words they thought described “throwing all the paint on it you can”.

How in your life have you thrown all the paint?

Japanese Garden autumn color

For me, it was starting Shutter Wonders, having absolutely no idea what I was doing. I would never have described myself as entrepreneurial, but a bit of that risky word has crept into my psyche. Along with it has come adventure, mistakes, riotous fun on occasion, newly-discovered creativity, satisfying partnership with my husband, fulfillment in surprising ways, and many new friends. For all of this, I am intensely grateful.

In the autumn season, our Creator goes a little crazy throwing on the paint, literally, and our trees become stunning rainbows for our eyes. Oh, I know, not blue or purple, but most every other hue, often mixed together on one woodsy plant. Shutter Wonders has captured a few such images in the Seattle area, no less.  I know we are not New England, or Door County in Wisconsin, to name just two of the most famous locales. However, emerald Seattle still manages to display a little paint of its own, and Shutter Wonders offers these autumn cards for your pleasure.

Mt. Si and autumn color

Mt. Si and autumn color

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