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Walking in Wonder, Getting the Shot

Immersed in a waterworld of wonder, my senses heightened, sound from the outside world dampened …. That is my experience walking the Waterfront Trail located in one of Seattle’s jewels, the Washington Park Arboretum. My photo destination is a not-so-quiet one, water’s edge across from the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium. The football faithful have gathered in Union Bay of Lake Washington, yachts anchored and rafted to one another, their passengers ferried to shore by little vessels that dart in and out of the boating multitudes. These fortunate few find water-born transportation a delightful alternative to Montlake gridlock on this Husky game day. It’s a surreal scene, the peace and quiet of my wetlands perch and the roar of the Husky hopeful in the stands.

To add to the juxtaposition of contrasting elements, bright-hued kayaks, meer specks next to the grand yachts, meander by and then retreat into the serene, welcoming landscape of the wetlands’ lily-pads.

My craft of photography tends not to be a speedy one (just ask my husband), so my sedentary pace fits just fine with herons patiently hunting in the shallows and gently rippling water stirred by the breeze.

Another unimaginably wonderful day in the Pacific Northwest…and I got my shot! (available as a Shutter Wonders card)

Shutter Wonders Photography Greeting Card - Husky Stadium

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